Android Installation Guide

For Android powered phone and tablet users, downloading presets is simple and straightforward!

Video: How to download and import your presets into Lightroom Mobile App

Just follow the steps in the video below!

We've also broken it down below:

Step by step: How to download and import your presets into Lightroom Mobile App

1. Download your new preset pack

Step 1: After your purchase, you will be directed to a new page with a blue "Download Now" button. Click that button to begin your download.

Step 2: You should see the files downloading in your browser, or in your control panel (swipe down from the top of your device).

Step 3: Once the files have downloaded, click on them. This will take you to your "Downloads." 

2. Unzip your new preset pack

Step 4: Once you have navigated to the downloaded files, you should see 3 or 4 files - two of them being .zip files. Click on "Extract" at the bottom right of your device to unzip the zipped files or just simply click on the "DNG (Mobile Download).zip" file to unzip it (this is the folder that you need).

Step 5: Click into the "DNG (Mobile Download)" file to open its contents. Your files are now unzipped and ready to be imported into Lightroom!

3. Import your new pack into the Lightroom Mobile App

Step 6: Select each file in the folder as a group, then click on "Share" at the bottom of your device. From the list of apps, click on the Lightroom app. This will add the files from the folder into your Lightroom photos album.

Step 7: Exit out of your downloads and head into the Lightroom app. The files will have imported into your Library (they should be the latest pictures in your gallery. If not, at the top right, click on the 3 dots again and select "Sort by Import Date").

4. Save the presets and voila!

Step 8: Click on the first imported photo from the preset pack in your Library to open up the editor.
*We've labeled the name of the preset pack and preset name on each picture so you can easily manually save each preset.*

Step 9a: Next, in the bottom menu, choose "Presets." At the top, you will see a white circle with 3 dots in it. Click that button and choose "Create Preset" from the menu. Enter the name of the preset into the "Preset Name" field.

Step 9b: Now, for this fist photo we will take one extra step and create a new Preset Group so that we can save each preset into its own folder. Select the "User Presets" dropdown under "Preset Group" and select "Create New Preset Group" from the menu and enter in the name of the preset pack, then click the checkmark at the top right which will take you back to the previous menu.

Step 10: Finally, select the checkmark at the top right. We have now created the folder for the preset pack and with the first preset! 

Step 11: Repeat step 9a and 10 for the remaining photos from the preset pack. When doing so, make sure to select the new preset group you just created under "Preset Group" to save them all into the same folder. Once you have saved all the presets, you are good to go!